Efinix partnership:

Since 2024, we have proudly been a member of the Efinix Partner Program. In this capacity, we offer specialized design services to assist customers in harnessing the power of Efinix FPGA families Titanium™ and Trion™. Our expertise spans hardware and FPGA designs, including the utilization of Efinix IP cores such as DDR memory controller, RISC-V Sapphire SoC, AXI-Interconnect, MIPI CSI/DSI and DMA Controller, etc. Through close collaboration with Efinix, we remain at the forefront of FPGA technology.

The following example project utilizes the Ti180M484 EVK to process the video stream from an amsOSRAM NanEyeM miniature camera module. Hardware signal adaptation is achieved through a small interface plug-on board. The system is connected to an HDMI monitor using the Efinix HDMI connector daughter card.

The following block diagram shows what is realized inside the FPGA: